Death In Dakota

Death in Dakota is a true crime and disaster podcast that takes place along the Great Plains. Season One premiered June 1st, 2021.

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Episode One: An Unexpected Storm

On this week’s disaster episode, Bryce covers the 1888 Schoolhouse Blizzard that affected the entire Great Plains region. He tells the story of several survivors and victims of the blizzard, many of whom were teachers and schoolchildren. 


In All Its Fury : A History of the Blizzard of Jan. 12, 1888, With Stories and Reminiscences by W.H. O’Gara and Ora A. Clement. (Goodreads)

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Episode Two: Horror at Higgins Gulch

On this week’s true crime episode, Bryce takes us to Spearfish, South Dakota to investigate the brutal torture and murder of Chester Poage at the hands of three killers. This case led to South Dakota’s first death penalty execution in over sixty years.


Rapid City Journal: (x) (x) (x) (x)

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Mercury News



Episode Three: Children in the Cockpit

On this week’s disaster episode, Bryce takes us to Cheyenne, Wyoming to cover the tragic 1996 plane crash that killed child pilot Jessica Dubroff, her father Lloyd, and pilot instructor Joe Reid. The crash led to the Child Pilot Safety Act being passed in the United States Congress.




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Episode Four: Love & Lemurs

On this week’s true crime episode, Bryce takes us to Crestone, Colorado where a new age religious movement, or a cult, is found with a dead body.


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Zealot: A book about cults by Jo Thornley

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Episode Five: They Won’t Stop Coming

On this week’s disaster episode, Bryce takes us to Webbers Falls, Oklahoma to cover the I-40 Bridge collapse. The disaster impacted the future of Oklahoman infrastructure.



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The Oklahoman

BONUS Companion Episode to Episode Five: Fraud in the Falls

On this surprise bonus true crime companion episode, Bryce travels far outside our jurisdiction to Juneau, Alaska where Special Forces Army Captain William James Clark is shopping for ATVs at a gun show in 2010. A surprise connection to the I-40 bridge collapse complicates the disaster response and changes our understanding of the aftermath of that May day.


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