Gendered God

You’re probably here because you have a question about my editing of scripture/quotes/etc. for gendering of God. When I joined a campus ministry team, several women, including ordained faculty, expressed that constantly referring to God with he/his/him pronouns distanced them from the fullness of God. Wanting to oblige in their comfort, I went along in my ministry-life but retained male pronouns of God personally. With time, prayer, and discernment, I came to realize just how confining a pronoun was for a God as vast as I AM. Further, in Genesis, God attests that we are created in likeness with God’s self. By consistently gendering The Lord of Lords, one suggests that, while all people are made in God’s image, perhaps God is the most like cismen. But God created the earthling and the human out of dust and sides. Western culture has placed a heavy emphasis on a conception of Adam and Eve that perhaps wasn’t meant to be there originally. For these reasons, I have made an effort to degender God as much as possible. If you would like to move towards the same, consider the numerous names we get of God throughout the Bible, a few of which are noted below.

The Lord of Lords

The King of Kings

The Light of the Earth

The Holy One of Israel


Alpha and Omega


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