Smarter Than a Fifth Grader

I love working with kids. They ask inquisitive questions, see the world through innocent and fresh eyes, and challenge the boundaries of authority at every step. Working with kids keeps me on my toes, always having to problem solve and rationalize with kids aged 6-12. While I, and anyone who works with wee ones surely will, have a treasure trove of stories, only some of which will be noted here.

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Stand Clear

To the three of you who have bought into my facade and think me a saint, I have bad news for you: I stared down a smirking red-headed woman yesterday, left foot on the brake, right foot hovering inches above the gas pedal. Unhinged anger shot from head and barreled down to ankle threatening to seize it into a flattened position. But before I can tell you that story, I need to tell you this story.

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