Conspiracy Theories I Believe In

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It’s been a difficult few weeks, which I’ll write about at some point, but for now, I thought it’d be a good idea to just do a fun post that doesn’t require too much thought or emotion.  I’ve always been interested in conspiracy theories, partly because I’m a psychologist who cares what people think about, and partly because I like true crime with is in the same circle of morbidity and strangeness. It wasn’t until I took a multi-ethnic literature class and learned about COINTELPRO, which, at the time, was thought to be a conspiracy theory. This deepened my curiosity, and made wonder if any so-called conspiracies were true. Jump in below to find out what I’ve decided about several popular conspiracies.

The Death of a Princess

Princess Diana’s death was tragic when it happened, and has only become more so as the princes have gotten married and raised children of their own. Tons of conspiracy theories have emerged since her death, to such an intense degree that two official inquiries have been opened into the car accident that killed her. While I have found it entertaining to investigate the evidence of the multiple theories, none of them have my full confidence in the truth. Her death is suspicious, though, and I think foul play was afoot in her accident. The conspiracy I do believe in, however?

I believe that, however the accident came to be, the Royal family, British authorities, MI6, or whomever, decided to capitalize on the tragedy and delay the saving of Diana until it was too late to do anything. It would be odd for any rich and/or famous person to not immediately be rushed to the hospital after a car accident, even if that person claimed to be fine. It is laughable and ludicrous to assume that anyone of political significance, from presidents to royalty, would not be rushed to the hospital after any minor health incident. Princess Diana, even if he was isolated from the other royals, remained an important part of British life. The first person on scene, a doctor, did not spot any obvious injuries so he assumed there wasn’t any. I’m sorry, but if Kim Kardashian (who’s a weak but at least comparable option for an American princess) was in, even a minor car accident, she would go to the hospital to have test after test run to make sure she wasn’t in danger. And with a crash as bad as Diana’s was, it’s strange she wasn’t treated with an overabundance of caution. Then, after she went into cardiac arrest and was resuscitated, she was finally loaded into an ambulance. A full twenty-three minutes later the ambulance left. Those kinds of delays and gaffs are terrible, regardless, but for a person as important as Diana, it’s suspicious beyond belief.

A President Shot

President John F. Kennedy has been one of my favorite historical topics since I read the phenomenal 11/22/63 by Stephen King. While I don’t believe a second shooter was present at his shooting, I do believe the FBI was involved in his death, or at least corrupt in the investigation of it. With CONTELPRO, and several other confirmed instances of the FBI involved in planning assassinations, it seems more likely that the FBI would be involved than they wouldn’t be.

A Gentleman in Moscow

I don’t know if we’ll ever know what fully took place during the 2016 election, but I do believe Donald Trump, or his campaign, and Russian officials worked together in ways that weren’t, at a minimum, exactly legal. Trump’s rhetoric on fake news is a perfect distraction for any illegal activities. The refusal to release tax returns, intense demand for redaction by cabinet members, and a real estate mogul turned president wanting to build a residency for the Russian president.

Two Potential Murders

Two deaths that have been ruled as accidental and suicide, respectively seem more like recipes for murders that the police are assisting in covering up. The first is the bizarre death of Elisa Lam, a Canadian student who drowned in a closed Los Angeles hotel water tank. There are too many questions – how did Lam get into a water tank and close it behind her, how did she get onto the roof, and what is the cause of her strange, paranoid behavior in the elevator shortly before her death? The second is the death of a Black boy just outside of the nation’s capital in the 1980’s, but you’ll have to read my (hopefully finished soon) book on that crime to get the full scoop.

Editor’s note: All suspects, persons, agencies, and entities are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, or until otherwise convicted of a crime according to the laws and statutes of other nations and governments.

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