World Cup 2019 and NWSL in Review

Women’s football fans, we had an electric world cup to be thankful for this year. Sad it’s over and all your favorite players will have to wait four years before being on your TV again? Not so fast. Find out what club teams all your favorite players are on at the end of this post.

My favorite matches of the tournament were Norway v. Australia and US v. England. While there were plenty of teams to discuss, I’m guessing my audience will be most interested in my thoughts on the US team.

The World’s Most Arrogant Players – The USWNT has received international bad press for being too arrogant. Just a reminder that these arrogant players have consistently played better than their male counterparts for the last eight iterations of the competition. (Keep in mind that women have only been allowed to play football on the world stage since 1991). They still make 100,000 or more less than their male counterparts. Let’s imagine the women were arrogant. If we can’t afford to pay them what they’re worth while they boost Nike sales past world records, and make American broadcasters millions, surely we can at least them be a bit cocky? And let’s analyze why the women are arrogant.

  1. They beat a country to a pulp. When the Broncos were creamed in the largest Super Bowl score differential to date in 1990, were the 49ers called bad sports? I mean, they surely didn’t have to keep scoring touchdowns to make the score 55-10. To make matters worse, the 49ers also started the game by calling themselves the best team. How arrogant is that!
  2. Alex Morgan mimed drinking tea when she scored against the English. Megan Rapinoe held up her arms after scoring in the match before that. The sheer audacity! Don’t women know the only proper way to celebrate a goal is apologizing to the goalie? Or, to just do what men do, take off their shirts and grab their privates? You know, a celebration that’s actually civilized. 
  3. They’re good. Well, at least, good for women. They’ve managed to get to the championship three years in a row. They excel at sports which makes everyone a little crazy. Women. Good at sports. In 2019. What’s next?

We except women to be silent, dainty, and apologetic. When they refuse to be, it’s easier to call them arrogant than to it is to call them talented.

Jill Ellis – Ellis remains a coach who makes terrible decisions. From subs to players who occupy positions they’ve never played before, Ellis continues to be a coach that many US fans can’t understand. It is difficult to argue with results, though, but you have to wonder whether its a result of the women’s game being better supported here than in other markets, or if Ellis truly is coaching her team the way it deserves.

Megan Rapinoe – The most discussed women’s player of the championship, but certainly not the best. While she’s been incredible to watch, and a huge asset to the team, her loss in the quarterfinals showed how strong and dynamic the USWNT team is. Unlike other country’s teams, the loss of one player didn’t matter for the performance of the team. They were just as effective without Rapinoe as they were with her.

Alyssa Naeher – The reason the US were able to advance to the finals, plain and simple. Expert defense of a PK is the reason the US Were able to advance at all.

Alex Morgan – The captain shone on the pitch with expert leadership and backed it up with goals.

What Now?

What can fill the void in your heart now that the World Cup is over? The National Women’s Soccer Team, of course! All your favorite players have four months left of club play. Why say goodbye now?

Catch up with predictions of the 2019 season.

Current rankings

How to Watch

US Viewers – Yahoo Sports – Free to watch!

International Viewers –

Match of the Week – ESPN


Team USA – Who plays where?

  1. Captain Alex Morgan – Orlando Pride
  2. Megan Rapinoe – Seattle/Tacoma Reign FC (Hate her, cheer for the Portland Thorns, the Reign’s rivals.)
  3. Christen Press – Utah Royals FC
  4. Tobin Heath – Portland Thorns FC
  5. Carli Lloyd – New Jersey Sky Blue FC
  6.  Julie Ertz – Chicago Red Stars
  7. Rose Lavelle – Washington D.C. Spirit
  8. Ali Krieger – Orlando Pride
  9. Mallory Pugh – Washington Spirit
  10. Alyssa Naeher – Chicago Red Stars
  11. Abby Dahlkemper – North Carolina Courage
  12. Ashlyn Harris – Orlando Pride
  13. Kelley O’Hara – Utah Royals FC
  14. Crystal Dunn – North Carolina Courage
  15. Lindsey Horan – Portland Thorns FC
  16. Morgan Brian – Chicago Red Stars
  17. Becky Sauerbrunn – Utah Royals FC
  18. Allie Long – Reign FC
  19. Sam Mewis – North Carolina Courage
  20. Tierna Davidson – Chicago Red Stars
  21. Adriana Franch – Portland Thorns FC
  22. Jess McDonald – North Carolina Courage
  23. Emily Sonnett – Portland Thorns FC

Australia – Who plays where?

  1. Lydia Williams – Reign FC
  2. Chloe Logarzo – Washington Spirit
  3. Steph Catley – Reign FC
  4. Elise Kellond-Knight – Reign FC
  5. Caitlin Foord – Portland Thorns FC
  6. Emily van Egmond – Orlando Pride
  7. Alanna Kennedy – Orlando Pride
  8. Hayley Raso – Portland Thorns FC
  9. Sam Kerr – Chicago Red Stars
  10. Ellie Carpenter – Portland Thorns FC
  11. Amy Harrison – Washington Spirit

Brazil – Who plays where?

  1. Andressinha – Portland Thorns FC
  2. Debinha – North Carolina Courage
  3. Marta – Orlando Pride
  4. Camila – Orlando Pride


  1. Estelle Johnson – Sky Blue FC


  1. Stephanie Labbe – North Carolina Courage
  2. Allysha Chapman – Houston Dash
  3. Shelina Zadorsky – Orlando Pride
  4. Desiree Scott – Utah Royals FC
  5. Christine Sinclair – Portland Thorns FC
  6. Sophie Schmidt – Houston Dash
  7. Nichelle Prince – Houston Dash
  8. Kailen Sheridan – Sky Blue FC
  9. Lindsay Agnew – Hoston Dash


  1. Jodie Taylor – Reign FC
  2. Rachel Daly – Houston Dash


  1. Cheyna Matthews – Washington Spirit
  2. Kayla McCoy – Houston Dash


  1. Rumi Utsugi – Reign FC

New Zealand

  1. Katie Bowen – Utah Royals FC
  2. Abby Erceg – North Carolina Courage


  1. Rachel Corsie – Utah Royals FC
  2. Claire Emslie – Orlando Pride


  1. Celia Jimenez Delgado – Reign FC


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