The Idolatry of Safety

Photo description: a fire extinguisher sits in the background. The words “The Idolatry of Safety” are in front of it. Image Credit

Lies We Believe About Ourselves and Others

Day One: The Idolatry of Safety Intro

If you stick around long enough in Christian circles, you start to hear about fear. There’s two kinds we Christians deal with: the spoken kind we are called to overcome (preferably quickly and with little resistance)…

Worried God doesn’t have a plan? Here’s 7 bible verses to persevere!

Obsessing over your bills? Relax you heathen! God’s got this 🙂 🙂

Scared about your child’s sickness? Have you met God The Healer ™ ??

… And the kind we know not to speak out loud.

What if God isn’t real?

What if God is real but not good?

Am I too dirty to be loved?

But there’s a third fear we often ignore: the kind we justify.


It isn’t hard to think of examples in our current political culture that make us fearful. Terrorists coming into the country legally and illegally. Guns that walk into schools and kill children. Jobs that can be taken and lost. We’ve reacted, as a post-industrialized world, to this fear. We’ve closed boarders and built walls. We demonize the other and praise the familiar. We type out essays into comment sections and hashtag expletives that communicate our anger.

All of it, out of fear. It’s understandable. You don’t want to die. Even more, you don’t want your children and loved ones to die. You can’t be destitute. You can’t lose everything you’ve built up and acquired. Where would you sleep? How would you eat? It’s completely understandable to build fences and walls to keep out all the things that scare you. It’s completely understandable.

And it’s an idol.

And like the golden calf at the bottom of a burning mountain, it needs to be destroyed.

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