The Prayer Against Safety

Lies We Believe About Ourselves and Others

Day Five: The Prayer Against Safety

Let us not be shamed into inaction. Let us accept our human condition. Let us name our fears with weak tongues.

Name your fears in prayer. Throw your burdens upon the shoulders of a God.

Grant us courage to dispel the myths of this world’s priority of truth. Grant us strength to shed the shroud of safety. Grant us the humility to ask for help.

Ask to be lifted out of the grasp of fear in God’s timing and through Their means.

Intercede and smash this golden calf in my life. Intercede and smash this golden calf in my country. Intercede and smash this golden calf in my world. Mold us into the Kingdom Come. Let there be no Child that goes hungry and no Child that has more than they can handle. Let no one make a weapon out of me. Let no one cause me to hate that which You have called me to love. Let no devil or demon, unbelief or doubt, cause me to fear death more than I fear the presence of anything in or around me. Let me love.

In all things, at all times, in your ways and your forms,


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