Sleeping Next to Crazy

Caption description: Sleeping next to Crazy. Photo cred.

Lies We Believe About Ourselves and Others

Day 1: Introduction to the Week 2 Theme

It’s easier to say they’re crazy than to welcome them into our homes and our communities. The sick and the broken are difficult to fix so we spend hundreds of hours fighting to speak through the noise of brains that speak a different language than us. We break down but are afraid to say it. We let women die in gutters because it’s their lot in life and we are scared to hang bathroom signs to walls because it might mean we have to acknowledge a truth that’s uncomfortable.

It’s hard to sleep next to all of this discomfort. To live in the same world as school shooters and sex workers. To accept the fact that people die and that other people live but want to die. People have different levels of ability. The world is not always lovely. But we go to sleep next to all of the crazy anyway. And we get up and try to face it.

Sleeping next to Crazy is about why we aren’t okay and what to do about it. Why we can’t do anything about it at all. How we can change our words from inciting violence to stopping it. And how we can integrate accessibility into our everyday lives.

So get some sleep, kids. We’ve got a lot to work through.

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