But What Does This Have to Do With Me?

Lies We Believe About Ourselves and Others

Day Five: But What Does This Have to Do With Me?

When was the last time you learned something new? There’s something horrifying about starting again, whether it’s learning a new job, learning how to live alone after a divorce, or learning how to cope after shedding an addiction we spent decades relying on.

When’s the last time you heard a critique of your character, had someone tell you you hurt them, been given some unsolicited feedback? Did it break you open, nip you at the root of every insecurity you’ve believed about yourself?

And when’s the last time you judged someone? Called them stupid, intolerant, worthless?

And when’s the last time you pushed everyone away?

My love, my dear friend, my sibling of the earth and the Son: what is your easy answer? That you’re stupid? That you’re too irredeemable, too worthless? Too smart, too right? That everyone else is worthless and wrong? That they’re better than you – that you’re an impostor trapped in a world moving on without you?

What’s the hard answer?

What’s the right one?

Have faith, my love. Have courage.

The right answer is out there – you just have to make it out of the forest first.

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