Lies I’ve Told

The biggest lie I have ever told was in first grade. I told my mom an elaborate story of a gunman that came into my elementary school and hid on our stage. I was grounded, though I’m certain it wasn’t for as long as I deserved. I’ve told millions, if not billions of lies, since then. I’ll tell trillions more after tonight.

I’m not good enough. I shouldn’t be alive.

That man is an idiot and a racist.

She’s intentionally trying to provoke me online.

I’m literally freezing to death.

My heart in this series was not to shame you for the lies you’ve believed. We’re conditioned to hate ourselves and others. I believe we can break that, though. Not forever, probably not even for a while, but enough. Every interaction that dents the idol of safety, every moment we can sleep beside the crazy, every person we can love recklessly, every easy answer we see beyond, matters. The goal is not to tell no lies, it’s to tell less. To love yourself a little bit more every day and give yourself permission to feel everything as it comes. To see your neighbor as someone as human and broken and beautiful as you.

I love you. You matter. I love myself. I matter.

Everything else is a lie.

I’m sure we’re all surprised it took me a month and a half to publish a month-long series. I’m wondering what thoughts you might have on it. You can post a comment below, send us a message, or submit anonymous feedback. Thanks for trying to build empathy with me. Thanks for trusting a liar as big as me.

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